Hello! I’m Raghavendra, from Chennai, India. I’m a Urologist by profession and a Geek by hobby. Gadgets and Electronics have always fascinated me, from almost two decades ago when me and my cousin assembled our first personal computer, till now and I never miss an opportunity to dabble with them when time permits. This blog is a result of one such experiment.

My qualified domains of expertise are Surgery, Urology & Andrology. And I am a self proclaimed ‘expert-to-be’ in many others - Tech, All things Apple, Fitness, Running, Trading, Minimalism, Mindfulness and now Hugo ;-).

I blog to increase awareness in my field, and to share what I discover new in my above mentioned interests.

The views mentioned in the blog are my own.

You can connect with me via twitter DM, or via the Contact page below (rocket icon). You can also send an email to raghavATraghkDOTin

And oh, I also love taking pictures in classic chrome.

hanging garden in classic chrome

This site has been built with Hugo, featuring the awesome Menca Theme, uploaded to GitHub and served via Netlify.

I write my blog using the fantastic iA Writer app, in my iPad, iPhone or Mac mini.